Lifevesting: life·vest·ing [lahyf-ves-ting] to put (money and/or ingenuity) to use, by purchase or research, in something offering potentially profitable returns on the development of the soul

(Otherwise known as inventing a word)

The Why: I’ve been toying with the idea of starting this blog for some time now. In today’s world of materialism, fads and rudeness I can’t help but yearn for something more – anything that has more meaning, more elegance, more pith. Lifevesting was born from this yearning. I hope for this to be a documentation of my journey to invest in myself, to add dimension and layers to my life and to have fun while doing it!

The What: Lifevesting means discovering who you are and what you are capable of. It means investing in yourself and embracing a three-dimensional life without unnecessary clutter. What is a lifevestment? It is anything that brings you happiness and propels you into the future as a stronger person. If I spend money I want it to be on things I will use for many years, not something I will lose in a pile of rubbish under the bed and toss three years later. It’s moving beyond the information overload of our generation, moving beyond the endless stream of things we know aren’t important to us.

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