My Three Favorite Halloween Costumes for 2011

For any of you who are looking for a last-minute Halloween costume for this weekend I thought I would post the three costumes that I have been playing around with. All three are easy to put together at home, require a dress, some ingenuity and maybe a trip to the craft store. No sexy [insert occupation] costumes here!

My Goals For Any Halloween Costume:

1. It must be at least partly DIY (so much more fun)

2. I have to be able to reuse parts of the costume after Oct. 31st

3. The costume must be witty and fun to wear (or come with an accent)

4. No shiny polyester dresses! I want to wear real, breathable fabrics

1. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and the Crowds at the Order of ...

Image by liam_davies via Flickr

My nod to fad costumes (at lease I would get to rock a British accent). There have been many predictions about this costume being one of the most popular for 2011. SheFinds did an awesome write-up here on how to build the look. What I love about this costume idea is all my conservative, work-appropriate dresses can get a K-Mids make-over with a sapphire ring and maybe a big feather fascinator.

What You’ll Need:

1. Conservative dress (no minis here, you’re royalty now), preferably a wrap dress or something in a dark navy.

2. A sapphire ring (of course!)

3. Closed-toe heels (court heels)

4. Hair Bling (either a fascinator with feathers or a chic sparkly headband work)

2. Melanie Daniels from Hitchcock’s The Birds

The Birds (film)

Image via Wikipedia

I am DYING to do my own version of this costume! This costume is the perfect mix of 60s chic and Halloween gore. I would recommend buying an expendable dress from Goodwill for this costume, preferably in mint green but any shift dress with matching jacket will work.

What You’ll Need:

1. A vintage-style shift dress with matching jacket or cardigan (in mint green if possible)

2. A lady-like purse with top handle (an excuse to dive into this season’s lady-like bag fad!)

3. Craft-store crows and black birds. Black feather can also be glued to the gown and pinned in your hair. I would pin a few birds around the shoulders and then glue one to a headband and wear that.

4. Blonde bombshell wig – pull out your old Marilyn Monroe wig for this or just put your hair in curlers the night before to get a great 60s bob.

Some blood squirts and crazy teased hair will complete the look!

But my winner for Halloween this year is…

3. Miss Scarlet from Clue

Cover of "Clue"

Cover of Clue

I have a red satin dress from my company’s Holiday party last year which will work perfectly. I bought a hangman’s noose on Amazon and am going to carry a book around.

Miss Scarlet with the noose in the library… Case Closed!

Several of my friends and I are doing Clue together. I’m trying to talk the boyfriend into being Professor Plum! I also think Mrs. White is a fantastic costume (and I love love Madeline Kahn in the film version).

What You’ll Need:

1. A red dress (or something low-cut like in the film version)

2. A murder weapon (for ideas play Clue)

3. A location (carry around something that reveals the location you murder at – I am carrying around a book for the library but another easy one would be the conservatory, just put some leaves in your hair or dirt on your shoes)

Clue is great for group costumes and everything can be put together with clothes you already have. And just in case you missed Apollo’s Halloween costume, you can see it here.

What I Wore also did an amazing post on DIY Costumes.

What are your witty/off-the-beaten track costume ideas?


5 thoughts on “My Three Favorite Halloween Costumes for 2011

  1. These are great ideas! I never even thought of trying to be a Clue character for Halloween. I feel so uncreative around this holiday, so thanks for the ideas! The Birds would be a fabulous costume.

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