How to Invest During Times of Economic Turmoil

I think we all know that Americans today are ANGRY

Consumer confidence remains low, investors are afraid to enter markets, 401K earnings continue to make Americans cry and unemployment hovers around 9%. For the first time in generations Americans are not confident that their children will have better lives than they had. Expenses have continued to rise – college has gotten more expensive, basic necessity prices have risen, taxes have gone up (or will go up in the next few years), and pocketbooks are stretching beyond their limits. And all-the-while the “99%” movement remains ‘wishy-washy’ on their goals, shouting at anyone working in finance even though a large majority of us are middle-class taxpayers suffering from job cuts and longer hours just like everyone else.

occupy berlin

How do you NOT get angry in the current economic and political climate? We’re all trying to balance so much and answer so many questions: Where do you put your money safely? How do you save/pay for retirement? Will social security even exist by the time I retire?

Is there an answer beyond finger-pointing?

My answer?

My made-up word, Lifevesting.

It may not seem like a very good response at first. I’m sure many of you reading this, patiently waiting for some tips on investing your money in a safe place, are saying (excuse my french) WTF? And I have a confession – this post isn’t about ‘how to invest your money during times of economic turmoil’. I’m talking about the types of investments a recession will never dampen – investments in yourself.

There’s a wise old saying that money doesn’t buy you happiness.

Investing in yourself (lifevesting) is a way of achieving sanity in turbulent economic waters. If we urge ourselves to grow and learn from our pain instead of pointing fingers at one another we will be investing in something truly worth while. As Pearl S. Buck said “growth itself contains the germ of happiness”.

So for those of you still reading – this is why I chose to write this blog now, in the middle of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement and all the anger that has been building since the 2008 meltdown. I wanted to focus on building something that couldn’t be destroyed in a market collapse. And so I am beginning the journey to finding out what investing in myself can lead to.

In a nutshell, this post is the ‘birth story’ of Lifevesting.

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