Happy Halloween From Apollo & I

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your holiday has been fun and candy-filled. Boyfriend, Apollo and I sat on our front stoop for two hours handing out candy until we ran out (we had so many trick-or-treaters).

Here’s a picture of Apollo in his “Watch Dog” costume.

We also saw a dog in a plastic bag – he was a “doggie bag”. I love clever homemade dog costumes!

One problem I had was what I should wear to the office – I wanted to celebrate Halloween but in a chic, office-appropriate way. Here’s what I came up with:

I love this spider brooch I found on Amazon for only $18! To put the outfit together I just grabbed my favorite LBD, added an orange button-down, the spider brooch, some sheer black tights and my black boots. The result: professional but festive (excuse the mirror smudges).

I also had a DIY creative streak and decorated the entire apartment. Here are some felt bats I cut out from a free stencil online and taped to the wall:

You can also see my dad’s pin map which he used to mark his world travels. I adopted it and have been up keeping it since he passed away. I think it makes an interesting focal point in the living room.

And here’s a picture of all the food we set out for our Halloween party last weekend. The finger cookies were my favorite to make but I also used food coloring to make orange hummus.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe Halloween!


P.s. I want to end this with some more pug therapy:

12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween From Apollo & I

  1. What a great Halloween spread! Love the bats on the walls. And I wish we had trick-or-treaters! We literally had ZERO. So sad.

  2. Oh my goodness, Apollo is sooooo cute. Pugs are my absolute favorite dogs – hopefully I’ll be able to adopt one someday!

  3. You are so creative! I love your Halloween table layout! The tree is very cool..
    The pin makes the outfit. I got a kick out of the little Pugster in his outfit too!

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