Who’s Your [Style] Inspiration?

I was inspired to do this post after I saw Style Meganzine’s post on ‘Who’s Your Inspiration’: http://stylemeganzine.wordpress.com/2011/10/22/whos-your-inspiration/

In my ‘How to Build A Wardrobe’ post from Monday I mentioned that building a list like this can really help you ‘hone’ in on what you enjoy and what type of style really expresses who you are. So I’m following my own advice and building a list of women whose style I admire.

The thing I admire most in all the women below is how their personalities shown through their clothing – their clothing didn’t define them, it enhanced them.

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall – to me, she is the quintessential American woman – versatile, clever and chic with a small sinister side. She gave forties and fifties glamour an intelligent edge. Did I mention that she was also perfectly matched to her talented and suave husband, Humphrey Bogart?

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton – Despite being labelled at this year’s fashion icon, she has been criticized repeatedly recently for her ‘boring’ style. Someone really needs to notify Webster’s that ‘boring’ now means elegant, classic and well-tailored. Kate’s look is perfect for the modern woman – she sticks with flattering silhouettes and always wears the best accessory – her smile. I admire Kate – not many of us could be photographed and criticized with as much scrutiny as she is without a single bra strap falling out-of-place. Elegance, poise and composure will never go out of style.

... Grace Kelly

Image by x-ray delta one via Flickr

Grace Kelly – Grace was stylish and composed, inspiring an Hermes bag and snatching herself a prince. The first time I ever saw her on film was when I watched ‘Rear Window‘ and I literally couldn’t take my eyes off her. She carries herself beautifully and speaks with such distinction that a paper bag would look timelessly elegant on her.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana – Diana wasn’t afraid to take risks – remember when she used that choker the Queen gave her as a headband? And she always dressed up for the occasion wearing military and naval-inspired frocks for army functions and a chinese inspired hat when she visited China. And she always wanted her clothing to do more – she often sported clothing from some of her favorite charities and donated dresses for charity.

I admire so many different women for their unique style but I would have to say that these four women are the ones who materially influence my personal style. While I love the Olson twins and their bohemian threads, I must admit that most of their outfits would look ridiculous and out-of-place on me. I lean towards elegance and timelessness but in a relaxed and approachable way – I suppose that’s why so many royals made my list. I really enjoyed trying to narrow-down my style influencers, maybe I’ll do this type of list for other influencers in my life.

Who is on your style list?

7 thoughts on “Who’s Your [Style] Inspiration?

  1. Hmm…I have never thought about specific people that influence my style before.

    So currently I don’t have an answer, however, I do like more of the relaxed look with some punk and bohemian thrown in. I don’t have much need for the royal put together look right now, and it makes me feel a little stuffy when I wear it.

    I hope some of that made sense! I will be on the lookout for my style inspiration.

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