Life Upgrade – Illustrations by Kristina Hultkrantz

Confesstion: I love Etsy! I find the most creative homemade items there and I love supporting independent creative talent. Plus I am a huge fan of the Plaid Friday idea – a movement to get people to shop at indie stores on Black Friday.

If you haven’t found emmakisstina Illustrations by Kristina Hultkrantz then I am very excited to show you her AMAZING work which I stumbled upon on Etsy last week. Kristina does fabulously chic and fashionable illustrations with a quirky element:

But my favorite is her series ‘Whats in my bag’:

Coco Chanel

Kate Middleton

Audrey Hepburn

But my favorite has to be (for obvious canine-related reasons):

Wallis Simpson

I think these illustrations would be a brilliant holiday gift for the fashionista on your list (or the pug-loving-blogger *wink wink).


P.s.¬†Lifevesting’s product highlights are simply my personal product favorites and I have not been compensated in any way to do these.

6 thoughts on “Life Upgrade – Illustrations by Kristina Hultkrantz

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  2. loving to “Whats In My Bag” Illustration. I am an art fanatic as well..

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