Life Upgrade: Zhena’s Gypsy Tea in Raspberry Earl Grey

Zhena's Raspberry Earl Grey

[I’ve changed the name of my product highlights to life upgrades. I think the name better reflects why I do product reviews – not to sell you something you don’t need but to let you know about fun and innovative goods that can ‘amp up’ your life! Do you like the name change? I think it matches the name of the blog better too]

Confession: I am superbly addicted to Earl Grey tea. The black tea in earl grey is comforting while the bergamot oil energizes. I first became addicted after I saw Jean-Luc Picard order some on Star Trek: The Next Generation (yes, I was a Trekkie growing up) and have been on an endless search for the perfect cup ever since.

Zhena’s Raspberry Earl Grey is the best earl grey I’ve ever tried. It’s iN…cReD…iBlY addictive, everyone at work became addicted after smelling my afternoon tea-cup. I even bought a huge six-pack of the tea cans to give as Christmas presents. Bonus: This stuff not only tastes perfectly sweet and rich but it also smells like heaven! I put a couple in a drawstring bag and use it to freshen my ‘unmentionables’ drawer.

Other discerning consumers must agree with me: This tea brand is so popular it now has its own line of candles, each featuring a scent from one of their popular tea blends. Sadly there isn’t word about whether or not they will do a Raspberry Earl Grey candle but I’ll be first in line if they ever do!

Order it here.


2 thoughts on “Life Upgrade: Zhena’s Gypsy Tea in Raspberry Earl Grey

  1. I want this tea! I recently made some ginger lemon tea and I’ve heard of adding English breakfast tea to this…maybe Raspberry Earl Gray would be amazing?

  2. I’m a total tea nut, especially during the winter. I’ll have to look for this brand the next time I’m at the grocery store. It sounds delicious!

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