The 5 Piece French Wardrobe Method (5PFWM)

I was inspired to write this post after reading whatpinksoundslike’s post on the 5 piece French Wardrobe Method which was inspired by 0000’s post here.

The gist of the 5PFWM is that Americans have a tendency to overload and buy many clothing pieces every season whereas we ought to take inspiration from our French counterparts who are more interested in quality over quantity. The French generally buy five quality wardrobe pieces each season and use that to build a chic but uncluttered wardrobe. As a proponent for quality clothing, I full-heartedly support this wardrobe building theory, most especially because it forces you to really consider what your wardrobe needs in terms of good quality pieces.

My 5PFWM for Fall 2011:

1. A good trench coat. I wrote a post about this wardrobe staple back on November 3rd after doing a bunch of research on different types of trench coats. But it wasn’t until two weeks ago that I actually found my perfect trench coat: a water-repellent fabric, single-breasted with generous A-line cut, shoulder storm flaps and a cute pleat down the back from Anne Klein. What I especially love about the coat I found was that it has a removable wool lining which means this coat can transition well into winter or spring.

2. Aquatalia by Marvin K ‘Royal’ booties. I haven’t finished saving the money for these yet but once I have them I have no doubt that I will wear them for the next several years.

Black Crew-neck Sweater

3. A classic black sweater. I don’t know how I survived so long without a flattering black pull-over sweater. It’s so easy to layer with and matches most of my work outfits.

4. Another wrap dress in a fun print. Wrap dresses are so figure flattering and after writing my post on them back on November 8th I really wanted to find a great, wrinkle-free one. I managed to find the perfect one at Nordstrom Rack in a brilliant black and white pattern.

Winter Kate Jacqueline silk-velvet jacket

5. A velvet jacket. A black velvet jacket screams winter holidays and this one will go perfectly with my holiday dresses. Plus, I have a huge soft-spot for anything with a peplum and this one has the cutest!

If you had to choose five quality pieces to invest in right now, what would they be?


10 thoughts on “The 5 Piece French Wardrobe Method (5PFWM)

  1. A great pair of jeans, perfect black pumps, an amazing tube of red lipstick….and then I have to agree with your two suggestions on a trench and a black sweater. Kind of makes me want to clean out my closet…

    • I had the same reaction – I started pulling out my lower-quality clothing that I don’t wear. And I agree with the perfect black pumps – I’m looking for a fabulous pair in black patent leather…

  2. I love ur 5 items! I good trench is a must. Maybe that will be on my 5PFWM list for Spring lol. I too, feel like going through my closet once my 30for30 challenge is over and cleaning older lesser quality clothes out! Glad I inspired one of your blog posts.

  3. Love this! Definitely a trench on my list as well, plus a great pair of comfy and classic ballet flats, an oversized bag or chic tote for weekend trips, boots that will go with everything, and leather gloves 🙂

  4. I have never understood the attraction to the wrap dress. They’re alleged to be suited to every body type and flattering for everyone, but I always find that they either gape in the bust or are too tight around my hips.

    That said, I have only really gotten into wearing dresses this year, now that my top half is only 1 size smaller than my bottom, but I am *such* a fan of the black pencil skirt and a boat neck, 3/4 sleeve black top combination. Those two items are definitely in my required 5!

    • Oh yes, a black pencil skirt is such a staple, I wear one every week. But honestly, you shouldn’t completely cut out trying out wrap dresses. I am rather large busted and had the gap top problem but then I found one with good contour seaming and a thicker fabric which works perfectly. Or look for a thick jersey fabric which will hug but in a really flattering way (honest!). You do have a way of finding the cutest dresses

      • Ah, thanks! I actually just bought the same vest dress with pleated skirt [with a flattering heavy drape] in three different colours for summer: black, steel grey and a sort of dark cornflower blue. I am not quite yet cured of ‘the goth’ it seems 😉

        I will be on the lookout for a wrap dress that is not made of thin stretchy material then! I did just buy a pencil skirt in a thicker jersey fabric, so perhaps that is the key. Thanks for the tip 🙂

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