Why I Love Birchbox (and you will too)

I discovered Birchbox back in February and have been obsessed since, eagerly awaiting my box of goodies each month. If you’re trying to think of something fun and spontaneous to give as a gift, give a Birchbox subscription. Birchbox, a $10 a month service, is one of the most addictive subscriptions: every month they send you 4-5 high-profile beauty samples for you to try out. What I love about this is it allows me to try products which I would normally never have tried, especially ones that cost +$30. An added bonus? All the small sample sizes are perfect for traveling so I keep a toiletries bag packed with my Birchbox samples in case I have any last minute travel plans.
Since February I’ve become addicted to several products I’ve received through my Birchbox…

My Favorite Beauty Products (discovered through Birchbox):

1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion. Even though I was skeptical about this oil-free formula since I have rather dry skin this amazing and cooling moisturizer works perfect in the summer (though as it gets colder I’m using my heavier moisturizers more often).
2. LIV GRN C2C Fragrance Collection in Natural. This stuff smells like heaven. I never thought I would spend $60 on a bottle of perfume until this stuff.
3. Number 4 Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Masque. I’ve written about this stuff before in my first “Life Upgrades” post – it literally inspired Lifevesting’s product reviews. This masque conditions and treats my hair beautifully without weighing it down.
4. Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation with SPF 15. Again I was skeptical of this since my skin tends to be rather dry but I love how light and easy this is to use when I’m running late in the morning.
5. Twistband Hair Ties. Over Thanksgiving I introduced my sister to these and all of the sudden one of them disappeared. And I dont blame her… these are simple and fun but dress-up a simple ponytail. Plus they dont tug on my hair and look a lot better than a scrunchie on my wrist.
Back last week I got my November box in the mail and was excited to try the new products and share my thoughts (and photos) with you:

Chocolate from my November Birchbox

 My November 2011 Birchbox Contained:

1. LaROCCA Champagne and Shimmer Acai Sugar Polish – I wasn’t a huge fan of this scrub. While it sounded luxurious the $35 scrub made my skin greasy and oily but I did enjoy the champagne scent of this. But I think for now I’ll stick to scrubbing gloves and my favorite body wash for exfoliating.

2. Chuao Chocolate Bars – MY FAVORITE THING THIS MONTH! Oh soooo delicious! I got the Firecracker flavor which has popping candies and a hint of chipotle and it was such a rich and complex taste. I will definatly be grabbing a few of these and giving them as stocking stuffers this holiday season.

3. Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower Water – I don’t think I’ll be buying a full-size of this eye makeup remover but it’s nice to have a travel size sample ready for vacation!

4. Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist – this mist is a nice multi-tasker: use it on dry hair to change the style or use it on wet to protect and detangle. This works similarly to the No. 4 Comb and Protect Spray which I am obsessed with and if I weren’t such a brand loyalist I’d buy a full-size – this version is cheaper than the No. 4 and is great for long hair.

5. Zoya Gems & Jewels Collection in Noel. For some reason blue nailpolish gives me the willies (except navy nail polish which I love)… I can do almost any other color but blue on my fingernails feels frostbitten so I wasn’t a huge fan of this but the other colors in this collection, especially the greens look gorgeous and nicely formulated.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had one of the best of my life: everyone was healthy, the meal was delicious, the family time was fun and joyful… what more could anyone want from Thanksgiving?

I also tried to shop on Black Friday with my sister and mother but gosh, aren’t all those long lines a turn-off? Honestly, I’d almost rather not get “the amazing deal” in exchange for a pleasant and civilized shopping experience.

What do you think? Would you pay more just to avoid shopping on Black Friday?


14 thoughts on “Why I Love Birchbox (and you will too)

  1. I kinda of love the craziness that is Black Friday. It’s the hunt I crave and I just don’t get that same feeling online. But I live in Canada and shipping is so expensive. I wonder if I would like shopping online more if I didn’t have to pay large shipping fees. By the way does Birchbox send to Canada? Sounds really cool! I too collect small sample sizes of products for travel 🙂

    • Not sure if they do and I completely understand about shipping fees – I mostly shop on Amazon where I get free shipping or Nordstroms which always has free shipping. But once I emailed Birchbox with a customer service question and they emailed me back promptly and were really polite and sweet so if they don’t ship to Canada I would send them an email and see what they say?

  2. I will never. ever. ever. go shopping on Black Friday! It’s would be easy for the Sociologist in me to write it off as horrible American consumerism, but I do LOVE to shop (and I love shopping during the holiday season!). I just can’t stand that experience! Shopping is a fun outing for me…I don’t want to face the rage of Black Friday. Scary stuff.

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