2011: A Year In Review

It’s that time of year again… a time of reflection and excitement about what we want to change in our lives. Time for our annual self-evaluations and the resulting resolutions.

But before I begin thinking about what goals I would like to accomplish in 2012, I want to reflect on all that occurred in 2011…

What I Accomplished in 2011

1. I ran my first 5K (and second).

2. Ian moved into my apartment bringing along an enormous book collection, a hatred for vacuuming, and the most wonderful smile to wake up to every morning.

3. I passed my Series 7 and 63 (for those of you in the finance industry).

4. I lost over 10 lbs and kept it off all year by learning to eat a lot of veggies, increasing my protein intake and working out more often.

5. I lived on my own for the very first time (until Ian moved in last month). Until April, I had always lived with a roommate or family and I’m glad I got some time to enjoy having my own home (and decorating the kitchen in, of course, hot pink).

6. Ian and I took our first international vacation together to London in August. Several of our close friends were relocated to London back in July so we got a chance to stay with them for 10-days and go sight-seeing. We had so much fun and it wasn’t until we were in London that we made the big decision to move-in together.

7. I went to my first music festival – Bonnaroo in June. I got a chance to see Florence + The Machine as well as Buffalo Springfield (from the pit!). There were about ten of us and we constructed a huge tent out of PVC pipe and had the time of our lives.

8. I knocked a number of things off my bucket list: learning to make pumpkin pie, doing the Jack the Ripper walking tour in London (which my father had always recommended and was absolutely the best part of our trip to London), and seeing Bizet’s Carmen at the Lyric Opera here in Chicago.

9. I revamped my entire closet and started building a wardrobe of essentials and quality pieces. I also learned to love the tailor and have had several pieces tailored to perfection.

10. I picked up my camera again. Before my father passed away he and I had owned a photography business which we started back when I was 18. After he died I let my camera bag and equipment gather dust in the closet. After starting this blog I have begun to truly enjoy photography again. I think my Dad would be very happy about this.

What 10 things are you most proud to have accomplished in 2011?


11 thoughts on “2011: A Year In Review

  1. I’m will have to think about this, I will make my own list very soon! I’ve also done the Jack the Ripper tour but it was freezing since I went in March. My favorite part was eating Shepherds pie at the Sherlock Holmes pub!

  2. I got engaged this year and it is HUGE thing for me 🙂
    My favorite point of your list is 10! I admire people (you) for taking pictures – little masterpieces 🙂

  3. Love the bucket list idea…..I have thought about this for awhile….I think 2012 is the time to do it!
    PS….and I agree…I do think your dad would be very happy.

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