Pug Therapy: The Wrinkly Reindeer


Apollo, The Wrinkly Reindeer

Even Apollo is getting in the holiday spirit at our home! I’m actually using this photo for our holiday cards from Pinhole Press this year – has anyone tried Pinhole Press before? I’m really excited to see how the cards turn out.

I was stumped with these cards though: to add Ian’s name or not to? Ian and I live together but should we have both our names on our card – is that something we should wait on? What do you think? At what point did you and your significant other start putting your names together on documents and cards, etc? It’s interesting to think about modern etiquette with live-in couples now. More and more couples are opting to live together and combine finances before marriage so what do you save for after marriage and what is appropriate to share prior? We ended up opting to have all our names on the card: “Ashley, Ian & Apollo”. In the end, we felt like it would be wrong to not include the whole “family” but we’ll see what the reaction from my more conservative friends and family is.

What do you think?

Happy Monday,

Ashley & the Wrinkly Reindeer

7 thoughts on “Pug Therapy: The Wrinkly Reindeer

  1. We started putting our two names on cards when we went to live together. We save combining finances and having children for after marriage.

  2. OMG this is effing adorable.

    I don’t even live with my boyfriend, but I signed some of my Christmas cards this year from the both of us (since they were to good friends of both of us). Wish we had thought to include our puppy! Oh well.

  3. I think living together is getting more and more acceptable/common.. we never did cards when we lived together (I don’t think..) but probably referred to everything as an “us”. We still haven’t done cards and we are married!! Just nothing exciting to share on a card… Cute pic, bet the cards are going to be adorable!

  4. Apollo is so crazy cute! I think it’s totally fine to sign from the whole family. I wouldn’t necessarily read it and think that you two lived together, just that you were both wishing me a “Merry Christmas”. I’m sure all of the receivers of this card are going to love it! How could they not with such a sweet wrinkle face on it?

  5. Oh, Apollo, what have your people DONE to you? My mama puts all of our names on the card, even though my man lives in a different city. We’re kind of all bonded, so we do that to make ourselves feel closer, I guess.

    ps. You look really cute, and I’m REALLY happy mama doesn’t have antlers for me. Yet.

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