Chicago’s Christmaskindl Market

Every Christmas Chicago’s Daley Plaza is transformed into a german Christmas wonderland known as the Christmaskindl Market ( Rows of evergreen covered timber houses sell festive goods under the shadow of Chicago’s Christmas Tree while merry visitors sip mulled wine and eat spiced nuts to the sound of choirs singing. It’s almost as if Rick Steve’s European Christmas were transported to this cement plaza right in the heart of the Loop.

Yesterday Ian and I were lucky enough to have a few moments to run over there on our lunch break and enjoy the [less crowded than the weekends] splendor. This market has a special place in my heart: my father took me here for the first time about five years ago and we went every year until he became ill. My father had been to Germany over ten times and said that this market was remarkably similar to its German counterparts – right down to the vendors, who are all German.

If you have a chance to visit the Christmaskindl Market make sure you (i) stand in the long lines for the glass ornament houses, they’re so worth the visit and (ii) try the spiced wine and eat something with sauerkraut (unless you’re a wuss like Ian).

And don’t forget to snack on some delicious potato pancakes and bratwurst…

Happy Holidays!


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6 thoughts on “Chicago’s Christmaskindl Market

  1. What a great place! How have I missed this during several trips to Chicago at Christmastime?
    I’ll have to look for it next year. Your photos are wonderful and make the ornaments and trinkets look charming. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, that looks fantastic. My husband spent several years of his childhood in Germany and absolutely loved it. I know he would really enjoy this market! Great pictures, too. You really have an artful eye!

  3. My sister and her friend went there during their lunch break too and it made me wish I could just hop on a plane and go that day! Your photos are beautiful. Looks lovely and tasty, too!

  4. That looks like a fabulous market. We went this afternoon to the Toronto Distillery District Christmas market (historic area), and while it was OK, and a good way to spend a few hours, the quality was nothing like what Chicago’s seems to be. Lucky you!

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