Getting in the Holiday Spirit

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Generally, I don’t need any assistance getting in the spirit of the holidays but I will say that this year has been full of more cheer than usual. All of the lights here in Chicago are beautiful! We went to see the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights last weekend and they were spectacular – especially after a large glass of mulled wine. I couldn’t believe how many lights the zoo put up and I loved that you could sit on Santa’s lap in the Lion house. And it seems that every time I go online I find something else to boost my holiday spirit.

But we all have things that really put us in the spirit of the holidays. Here are a few things that always put a jolly smile on my face:

1. Chic Holiday Cards. Aren’t these Kate Spade cards fun? She always has quirky, colorful and nondenominational cards for everyone on your list.

2. William Sonoma Peppermint Bark. It isn’t Christmas without this quintessential peppermint bark. I’ve tried other kinds, I even have the Dove Peppermint Bark bites in a jar on my desk, but this is the best. It has the perfect balance of white chocolate and peppermint to balance the milk chocolate.

3. Fun ornaments. I have a little glass sushi roll ornament and also some fun childhood characters hanging on my tree. But when I saw these bows from Pier One I couldn’t help myself – I decked out our entire tree in these. They are actually a sturdy metal and the glitter doesn’t easily rub off so I figured I would get to use these ornaments for years.

4. Evergreen Candles. I love love love the smell of evergreen trees and around the holidays I light tons of these everywhere. It helps create the right atmosphere and compensate for the fake tree… And this year I have become obsessed with Bath and Body Works’ Merry Mistletoe candle which is a slightly more sophisticated evergreen.

5. Potato Pancakes. Is an explanation really necessary?

What things put you in the holiday spirit?


P.s. I always enjoy putting up my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree on my desk at work too:

It isn’t the most professional desk ornamentation but it’s perfect for the holidays!

8 thoughts on “Getting in the Holiday Spirit

  1. Evergreen candles are the best! I don’t have a real tree this year (more of a little Charlie Brown tree) so the candle adds that “real tree” smell to my apartment. PS-The snow is adorable 🙂

  2. I agree with every item on this list! I have a few too many evergreen candles in my apartment but they are the absolute best. Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Bark is without contest the best. You have great taste!

  3. I’ve never tried these potato pancakes you speak of but I think I need to! Looks yummy! Christmas music right after Thanksgiving always helps me get into the holiday spirit real quickly. And I love watching Christmas movies while wrapping presents!

  4. You have an awesome sense of design….love the Pier One bows….and I’m sure the sushi ornaments are cute too. Your Charlie Brown vignette is great. I would have to agree with everything you said, and add music. I love Mannheim Steamroller to get me in the mood…..or a live Christmas concert too. Thanks for sharing!

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