Reindeer Treats

Originally I had planned to make these for my co-workers and I am so glad I made my Festive Cupcakes instead because making this in large quantities is exhausting! But I just had to make these for Ian’s family.

To make Reindeer Treats:

Make a batch of “Muddy Buddies” (otherwise known as “Puppy Chow”) according to the recipe on the back of a Chex Cereal box. Wash out a mason jar and fill with the mix. Tie a festive ribbon around the lid and add a tag saying “Reindeer Treats”.  I think they turned out pretty cute but I wish I had made more so I could have given some to my family too! But be sure to learn from my mistake and make the mix in small batches. Otherwise you’ll wind up with a floor covered in reindeer treats.


P.s. Sorry for the blurry photos, Santa didn’t bring me a tripod this Christmas…

4 thoughts on “Reindeer Treats

  1. There is nothing better than Puppy Chow! (or Reindeer Treats)……I am totally addicted to the stuff! What a cute idea to put it in a classy glass jar instead of a zip lock bag, as I have done! lol Good job and great idea!! (Now if I could just make it and not devour half of it while doing it…..) 😉

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