2012 (Otherwise Known as the Year of Change)

The New Year is traditionally a time of intense self-reflection and criticism. Us Americans vainly or humbly analyze the bits that make up “ourselves” and find the missing puzzle piece that will invariably lead to a “full life” but inevitably ends with us seeking the next missing piece, in an ongoing cycle.

I am one of those Americans. I firmly believe that life is cyclical and that who I am is ever-evolving. Lately I have seen many fabulous posts on why resolutions are the wrong way to approach the new year and they are a recipe for failure. However, I discovered in 2011 that having resolutions pushed me to have the best year of my life and that constantly revisiting and revising my goals helped me formulate direction from hundreds of options. So here is my list of resolutions and goals for 2012.

My mantra for 2012: “Expectation is the root of all heartache” – William Shakespeare. I can have a hard time dealing with change and when things do not go the way I expect, I can become moody and frustrated. Knowing that my expectations can trigger heartache (thank you Will Shakes) is my first step in avoiding the heartache all together. I want to conquer my inability to cope with the unexpected. So I have unofficially dubbed 2012 “The Year of Change” – a year where I will learn to embrace the new, unorthodox and unplanned.

My other resolutions and projects include:

1. Better blog posts. I’m sure this is a goal for many of us. I want to incorporate more original content, more photography, more insight and find more inspiration. I need to remember to keep a notebook next to my bed – I always think of these fabulous post ideas right before I sleep and forget them by morning.

2. A full-fledged return to photography. I’ve been out of the photography game for a while so I want 2012 to be the year I shoot some of my best work. Luckily for me this ties into my #1 resolution!

3. Inner peace. Expectation is the root of all heartache – I need to keep repeating that to myself. Working in the finance industry has left me frazzled and untrusting and accepting that the world is not the way I would ideally want it is a good first step to achieving this broad and cliché goal.

4. A dog who heels. Apollo shakes hands, twirls in the air, rolls over, sits, goes potty when I tell him, comes when I call and doesn’t beg too badly for treats. He does however take me for walks, pulling me around the dog park and inevitably leaving my arm sore. This is the year I start walking him, in a nice march on my left side at all times.  

5. More home-cooked meals. Living in Chicago (with Grubhub) can make it hard to cook after a long day at work – especially when everyday I am bombarded with news stories about another fabulous restaurant. I need to remember that there will ALWAYS be another fabulous restaurant and that I shouldnt be paying for food that I can make more to my taste at home.

6. More organization. I don’t have kids and I am hoping to not have to move this year so I want to tackle all the piles of “stuff” in our apartment and find a more logical way of living.

7. Read 10 books. It’s silly, I used to read a book a week. But last year I took my Series 7 and Series 63. I went on several trips and did a lot of working out. I probably only read six books (not including study materials). I know 10 books isn’t very much but I’ll be happy with a number in the double-digits.

8. Knock more things off my bucket list. Last year I accomplished so many things and I want this year to be no different. I have a budding career, a supportive boyfriend (and family) and no kids: three factors that can lead to some serious self-achievement in 2012.

9. Be the weight it says on my driver’s license. I haven’t been the weight on my driver’s license since I was 13. I’m only 6 lbs away and I think I can achieve this goal in a healthy and happy way (I lost 14 lbs in 2011).

10. 2012: My Year of Good Posture. In a world of desk jobs and couch lifestyles, good posture has become a rare thing. Everywhere I go I see people slouched over themselves. I want to keep up my good posture in spite of my urge to hunch over my desk.

What are your new year’s resolutions?


Additional Reading:

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8 thoughts on “2012 (Otherwise Known as the Year of Change)

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  2. You have a really great list of resolutions. I’m with you on a lot of them. Look forward to reading your blog this year and following your progress!

  3. I love it! I think it’s nice to start a new year and have a fresh start. For me, it’s helpful to reevaluate and make some clear steps towards making changes in my life. I like all of your resolutions and now I want to add to my list!
    Also, the bucket list idea is excellent. I need to make one of those. I keep thinking to myself “Where did the time go? I haven’t done enough exciting things yet!”

  4. Great resolutions, great quote, awesomely written! I love the quote by Shakespeare. I often get caught up in “Great Expectations” and then crash and burn when things don’t work out. Wonderful way of looking at goals, Ashley! But, then again, you always have a great outlook on life anyway! 😉

  5. I used to be a “no resolutions” person, but this year I have done some resolutions and I’m sure this will bring me very positive things.
    I share with you the resolution of embracing the changes in life (i get very angry is something is out of my plans).
    Oh, and your resolution number 4, I’m on that too! My Orici is also very good on sitting, eating, etc. But she also takes me for walks 🙂 I must add, the situation has improved a lot in these five 2012 days. The hard thing is starting, but then the results come quickly.
    Good luck with your resolutions!

  6. What a wonderful set of resolutions!!! Particularly cooking more at home. So true – there will always be more restaurants than my taste buds can handle!

  7. Hallo Ashley, I couldn’t stop laughing reading your list of new year resolutions.

    “9. Be the weight it says on my driver’s license.” — I’m certainly with you on this one.

    Good luck for 2012 🙂

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