5PFWM: Winter 2011/12

On November 22nd I wrote a post about the 5 Piece French Wardrobe Method (5PFWM) which is a way of building a quality wardrobe without being completely overwhelmed by choices. The whole theory is that every season you should pick five pieces you would like to invest in to build up your wardrobe. I think subscribing to this method is a huge Lifevestment simply because it forces you to concentrate on what your wardrobe needs and to find quality (not quantity) to fill the void.
Here are some pictures of my Fall 2011 5PFWM pieces. To re-cap, I added (1) a classic Anne Klein trench coat with single-breasted buttons, storm flaps and an a-line flair, (2) a black-and-white patterned wrap dress from Eliza J, (3) a velvet peplum blazer from Winter Kate, (4) a basic black sweater and (5) waterproof booties from Aquatalia (so in love with these boots)!

My Fall 2011 5PFWM loot

Trench Coat, Patterned Wrap Dress, Velvet Peplum Blazer

My absolute favorite addition from the fall season was my Aquatalia ‘Royal’ booties. They are so comfortable and the suede is so luxurious! They were a gift from Ian for Christmas and are the best investment shoe I own.
Aren’t they gorgeous (can you tell I am crushing on these boots)?

Aquatalia 'Royal' booties

They have a cute plaid interior (this photo doesn't do it justice)

Aquatalia makes a fabulous boot

These boots have me absolutely convinced (as if I wasn’t already) that wardrobe essentials will last so much longer if you invest in quality. A good mantra to remember is: Quality is always worth the price (though a high price isn’t always indicative of quality). I really tried to keep that in mind when picking my Winter wardrobe additions.

My Winter 2012 5PFWM includes:

1. An Alexander McQueen Silk Skull Scarf in Black/Blue. I have lusted after this scarf for a long time – to me it’s as versatile as a Burberry scarf. And the Black/Blue combination will work perfectly with jeans or a black suit.

McQueen Silk Skull Scarf

2. This fabulous Pleated Jersey Dress from Issa. I have always wanted a green dress and on my bucket list I did promise myself I would buy a nice designer dress with all my own money. Isn’t the cut so interesting? Plus this is dressy enough to wear to a party or wedding but the jersey fabric makes it easy to wear all-day at the office too. LOVE!

Issa's Pleated Jersey Dress, available at Net-A-Porter

3. A pair of well-tailored skinny jeans. J Brand makes the best for my body but I would suggest trying on a few brands before purchasing to make sure the fit is right (not one likes ‘wrinkly-knee’ skinny jeans).

J Brand Cigarette Leg Jeans

4. An L.K. Bennett Davina Dress is another investment piece which I have had my eye on for some time. I know this is my SECOND dress on a short list but a red dress is such a classic and L.K. Bennett really makes quality clothing. Plus the cut on the Davina is so flattering and timeless.

L.K. Bennett's Davina Dress in "Lipstick"

5. Cole Haan ‘Air Violet’ Patent Pumps in Black. These beautiful pumps actually contain Nike Air comfort technology which would make them extremely versatile and comfortable for all-day wear. Not to mention that black patent is such a wardrobe staple!

Cole Haan 'Air Violet' Patent Pump at Nordstroms

 What are you looking to add to your wardrobe this winter?


9 thoughts on “5PFWM: Winter 2011/12

  1. This is a GREAT way to approach shopping each season. I have the worst habits of impulse buying. Although I am pretty frugal, and I’ll usually only impulse buy sale items, it adds up. It’s great to make a list ahead of time and keep those purchases in mind!

    Oh – and those boots are FABULOUS. And waterproof? So jealous!

  2. Love your choices! Both dresses have fab cuts… And those boots are beautiful too.
    I think your idea of investment shopping is an excellent idea. My wardrobe needs have changed a bit since I’m retired, and don’t need as many career “looks” as I did 3 years ago. (which does not mean I shouldn’t look fashionable!!) I just bought a black trench….I’ve been looking for a year. I love it….I can wear it with jeans, slacks, dresses; I can use scarves or boots to dress it up or down. It looks and feels like poplin, but supposedly will travel well in a suitcase.

  3. I really love that skull scarf, but lately I have been really wondering about the corporate suitability of such items. Now that I’ve started my own consulting business I’ve been considering my appearance much more.

    I just don’t know! I have these wonderful skull print shoes: http://cn1.kaboodle.com/hi/img/c/0/0/75/f/AAAADJyStOoAAAAAAHX2EQ.jpg?v=1254325317000 which my ex boss often commented on, saying he thought they were great, but I always wondered if he didn’t notice what the pattern was actually of, which made me feel quietly, enjoyably, subversive.

    You’re such a logical, pragmatic sort, do I have to get rid of my bright red hair or are corporate types going to accept me as being a little quirky? Even though my profession is so far from creative it boggles the mind?

    • I agree – the question of what to wear in a professional environment would be an excellent blog suggestion! But please, Helena don’t change your hair color, it’s so pretty and very you. I also struggle with what and when to wear things to the office. It’s a difficult balance and generally I tend to play it pretty safe, especially when I know we have clients coming into the office. But honestly, I think it’s fun to take chances and recently I’ve been testing the waters more often. I don’t know very much about your specific work environment – mine is very conservative (I get in trouble if I forget to wear pantyhose) so in order to balance my desire to wear something more “me”, I usually pick one ‘fun’ thing to wear with an outfit. Limiting your outfit to one fun piece I think really helps to maintain the professionalism without completely losing yourself.

      But whatever you do, make sure you keep the hair!! 🙂

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