Photo Therapy: My First Bouquet

Today is a very special day…

Ian gifted me with my first bouquet. Neither he nor I have ever been huge on giving or getting flowers but I have to say, his surprise has really cheered up my day. Didn’t he do a beautiful job picking the flowers?

I hope these photos cheer you up as well (no sense in me ‘hogging’ all the love).

Happy Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “Photo Therapy: My First Bouquet

  1. Gorgeous flowers and photos! To me there’s nothing like “belles fleurs” in the middle of a mid-west winter! In fact, I usually grab an inexpensive bunch from the grocery about once a month. Tulips are my fave. The are so perky and cheerful. But there’s nothing like receiving flowers from someone else! What a nice guy Ian is! And your photos are wonderful!

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