Discovering Your Signature Scent

There is something so intimate and personal about finding your “scent”. For a while I went through a phase where I only wore Chanel Chance, then only Calvin Klein Euphoria. And while I think these scents are fabulous, I always felt like I had never found my “scent”.

Luckily, one weekend my mother and I were running some errands in Nordstroms and I happened upon the Jo Malone fragrance counter. I remembered loving Jo Malone when I smelt it in London back in August but didn’t actually purchase anything. After a few moments playing around at the counter, we learned that you can combine Jo Malone scents to make your own ‘scent’ – there’s even a combining menu online ( so fun)!

My fragrance combination:

Vintage Gardenia and Orange Blossom – sweet yet sophisticated, understated but still powerful.

I loved all the boxes my bottles were wrapped in too (and if you buy on Jo Malone, they do free shipping… I am a sucker for free shipping). I’ve placed my two bottles on a shelf in the bedroom with a childhood pictures of my dad and they look so sophisticated. And wasn’t my dad a little charmer with his patterned bow-tie?

But all said and done, it is very exciting to have discovered a scent I feel is truly me.

What’s your signature scent?


6 thoughts on “Discovering Your Signature Scent

  1. The photos are beautiful! And how cute was your dad as a little boy? I love when little boys wear bow-ties. Adorable!
    I think my signature scent is either Coach Poppy or Versace Bright Crystal but I’m still on the fence about it. I love them both, though!

  2. Love your photo set-up with your dad’s photo and your perfume bottles and earrings….a great shot!
    I just wear a musk oil. Or lightly scented lotions. I’m with you, though…I’m a nut about packaging and wrappings! 😉

    • Oh I love the Pear & Freesia as well – honestly I really havent met a Jo Malone scent I hate (though the Pomegranate Noir is rather Christmas-y). And thank you for the sweet compliment!

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