Oh She Glows Classic Green Monster

Remember when I posted about losing weight and advocated eating a lot of fruits and vegetables? Well I thought I would offer you my little secret for sneaking those veggies in regularly if you aren’t used to incorporating them into your meals often (like me, circa January 2011).

Oh She Glows Classic Green Monster Recipe:

Classic Green Monster in my Christmas Mug

This little protein shake looks intimidating. I mean, it’s greenBut it tastes exactly like cake batter while managing to sneak in more than 2 cups of fresh spinach and over 30g of protein. Just one shake gives you three of your five servings of fruits and vegetables for the day (win!).

Mmm, delicious and healthy!

If you haven’t discovered Oh She Glows yet, take a look around, even if protein shakes aren’t your thing. Angela, the blog owner of Oh She Glows, has the most fantastic collection of easy, healthy vegan meals. Another of my favorite recipes from Oh She Glows it the Back on Track Wheat Berry and Bean Salad which is absolutely delicious! I make it at least once a month to have on hand for a small snack or quick dinner.

What is your secret healthy recipe?


3 thoughts on “Oh She Glows Classic Green Monster

  1. I’ve been reading about Green Monster smoothies using spinach…and actually pinned a recipe for one on Pinterest, just because of all the comments from those who Love It! Up until then I’d never heard of throwing spinach into a smoothie! Thanks for your testimony and giving me another source for them!

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