Tomorrow Ian and I are leaving for a week-long vacation in Florida! We are staying with my grandmother in Ocala and I’m going to drag Ian around to Daytona Beach, the Kennedy Space Center and maybe even Disneyworld! I am so excited to get away from work for a little bit and introduce him to my father’s side of the family. But you know what part of the trip I am looking forward to most?

Eating lunch at the Columbia Restaurant tomorrow in Ybor City after our flight lands in Tampa! It is my all-time favorite restaurant: fabulous crusty Cuban bread, delicious beans and rice, fabulous seafood and perfect guava cheesecake.

See you all next week!


5 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. That restaurant is delicious! We ate there right before my cousin’s wedding in Tampa a couple summers ago and I was very pleased.
    Welcome to the south! I hope you enjoy the weather 🙂 I’ll be in Chicago this weekend. When y’all get back, you should go see my sister’s show at the Second City! I’ll post about it when I return. Safe travels and enjoy your trip!

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