Pug Therapy

As I’m sure we all know, no idea is truly original. When I started this blog I thought I was being clever and titled my photos of Apollo “Pug Therapy”.

Apparently, I should have done a Google search for this before giving myself a pat on the back…

Happy Wednesday!



Apollo, King of McQueen

My McQueen scarf finally came in the mail! However, Apollo seems to want to keep it all to himself so I have dubbed him Apollo, King of McQueen (and possibly McQueen’s first pug model).

He enjoyed modeling the scarf until he got himself all tangled up (look at those sad eyes)…


P.s. Do not attempt this shoot yourself unless you want your lovely new silk scarf covered in pug fur.

Pug Therapy: December 28th

Apollo is still┬árecovering from the Christmas festivities. He hasn’t wanted to play fetch in days and has staked himself out at the world’s most dedicated couch potato.

Example #1:

Example #2:

And a third and final example:

If any of you are feeling the same, I wish you a speedy recovery from the holidays!


Scenes from Our Christmas

I hope everyone had a safe and fulfilling Christmas (for those who celebrate it). I wanted to share with you some scenes from our wonderful celebrations:

My mother always decorates the most beautiful trees but I especially enjoyed her frosty tree this year:

Isn’t it beautiful?

My mom actually decorated the whole house in a frosty winter white. Look how she decorated the mantle:

Apollo also got into the holiday spirit:

My sister gave my Mom some adorable Kate Spade slippers too. Don’t they look fabulous?

My Mom gave Apollo a very festive gift too:

After celebrating Christmas with my family, Ian and I went down to Indiana to celebrate Christmas with his family. Doesn’t his mother do a beautiful job decorating too?

Merry Christmas (one last time)!


Apollo the Wrinkly [Reindeer]

Our Christmas cards from Pinhole Press just came! I think they turned out very cute.

I think Apollo is happier without the reindeer antlers:

As gifts for co-workers I made my favorite festive cupcakes and gave these cards. Everyone really seemed to enjoy them and couldn’t believe I made the cupcakes myself (or that they were born from a red velvet cake mix box). It just goes to show: a gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be impressive. A little thought goes a long way.

Happy Holidays!

Ashley & Apollo