Why I Choose Not To Dye My Hair

1. I get highlights without trying in the summer.

2. I can buy inexpensive and natural shampoo without worrying about maintaining my hair color.

3. Ian and I can share the same shampoo.

4. Lower hair care costs in general.

5. Healthier & shinier hair.

6. Hair color that matches my eyebrows naturally.

7. Fewer split-ends and frizziness.

8. No chemicals – good for me, good for the earth.

9. I dont have to worry about ‘roots’.

10. I discovered that my hair color subtly changes with the seasons.

In spring 2007, I decided to stop coloring my hair. I have reddish undertones and any color I tried ended up looking orange. And honestly, I think it is one of the best Lifevestments I have made. People are regularly asking me if I dye my hair and they never believe me when I say it is natural.

Have you ever made an abrupt change in your beauty routine?


Life Upgrade – Number Four High Performance Hair Care

Lifevesting’s First Ever Product Highlight:

Photo From Behind the Chair

Number Four High Performance Hair Care

I first learned about Number Four when a small sample of the Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Masque™ came with my August 2011 Birchbox (I’ll post more on Birchbox later). With its intriguing scent mixture of acai berry, hibiscus, mangosteen, oolong tea, black currant and yerba mate I was curious enough to try it that night in the shower. I applied the masque to my [thick/disobedient/ever-frizzy] long locks and waited five minutes wondering what a $60 bottle of hair masque could possibly do for me that hundreds of other products couldn’t.

When I washed off the masque and blow-dried my hair all I could think was…





I was hooked. My hair felt soft and silky. After blow-drying it had all the bounce and curl of Kate Middleton’s locks and stayed silky even after my next wash (sans masque). Birchbox was also kind enough to include a small one-use sample of Number Four’s L’eau de Mer Hydrating Shampoo™. Again, this product was hair bliss in a tube. Another favorite which I bought a full-sized bottle of without even testing first is their Lumiere d’hiver Super Comb Prep and Protect Spray™ which I spritz on before blow-drying or straightening and which helps calm frizz in-between weekly masque treatments.

The line’s name comes from the four signature Liquid Complexes™ used in each product. The best part about these products? The entire line is 100% vegan, sulfate free, gluten free, paraben-free and never tested on animals. As someone who never spent more than $7 on a bottle of hair product before it takes a lot to convert me and I was amazingly surprised at how wonderful and well-rounded these products were. Though the hefty price tag may scare you, these are products are worth spending your hard-earned cash on.